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MCD 2.0: Details and Pricing

Updated: Aug 21

by Leigh Moore

(Edited on 8/21/23 to reflect final pricing)

Our new counselor data service will be available soon! The data itself is ready, but a few design and logistics issues necessitate a delay. It will be worth the wait!

For the first time, officially sourced government data from multiple agencies will be delivered to counselors on one platform.

We compile and continuously update the following resources for approximately 1500 institutions:

  • College Scorecard raw data

  • IPEDS surveys

  • Campus Safety Data Cutting Tool

We also integrate selected metrics from about 200 individual Common Data Sets.

Perhaps the most valuable service we provide, though, comes in the curation of the content. Data is only as valuable as it is useful, and we have worked to develop a digestible, intuitive product. We want you to find what you need, and quickly.

Why we do what we do

Our goal is to save counselors time while providing the best information available. Because we operate on an independent basis, free of obligation to institutions or advertisers, we gather information objectively and commit to the ideals of dependability, transparency, and truth.

Our Info: Interact and Learn

Explore what we have included in our content by clicking the image below.

Our platform enables us to augment our data with visualizations and interactive tools, but our priority will always be the quality and maintenance of the data itself. Working from a deep understanding of institutional reports and. the shortcomings inherent with college datasets, we provide unique tools and insights. Everyone likes colorful and interactive content, but we hope our users recognize the value proposition of the data alone. That said, visuals are on the way. We think you will be excited to share our data with colleagues, parents, and students.


Once our service is available for purchase, individual counselors will be able to subscribe for $299/year.

If you wish to purchase our service for multiple users, please reach out to Leigh directly at We offer modest discounts to groups with 6-10 users and even better deals for larger organizations.

Until Next TIme

August is just around the corner, as is, of course, the new application cycle; the MCD Counselor Data Service won't be far behind! All the best to you for a delightful last weekend in July!


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