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(Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make copies of the data to send to our families?

By all means! Most of the visualizations have a download button on the right side at the bottom of the page. You can download the information in multiple formats--image, PowerPoint, or PDF.  We ask only that you refrain from sharing the downloadable spresdsheet:  protect your investment! 

Where do you get your data?

All data included in our product has been drawn from free sources which are free and are available to the public. For details, visit our documentation demo. 

Are individuals allowed to purchase a subscription, or must you be a college counselor?

Yes! We are glad to have families subscribe, as well as counselors.

Can my child's high school get this data?

Yes--We handle all school inquiries on a custom basis, depending on counselor and administrative objectives and preferences. 

Why do you charge for your data, since all the information is available at no charge elsewhere?

As objective, non-stakeholders in the college search process, we are driven by the ideal of truth and are accountable only to our users. By design, we have no advertisers or institutional support.

Our data is different:  our combined expertise informs the way we work with the data and curate the tools.  We know what families and counselors are trying to find, and we work hard to make it accessible and navigable.

Jeanne, could we put the FAQs in a separate spot, or maybe in a side bar?  Or, how about putting them at the bottom of the page and adding an anchor?
MCD_dashboard graphics_college finder.png

Questions it answers (among many!):

My household income is between $75-110K. At which colleges can I expect to pay a net price of <$15K?

Where can I major in ________?

Where can I apply Early Decision?

Ways to use it with students/parents:

The Finder is the most deductive of all our tools. That is, it's straightforward in nature. Approximately 20 filters enable the user to drill down to a manageable list of schools for further research.

MCD_dashboard graphics_college snapshots.png

Questions it answers (among many!):

Is the transfer admissions rate lower than the first-year admissions rate? 

How prevalent are merit scholarships?   How many students lose their awards after the first year?  

How many student pay full price to attend the school?

Ways to use it with students/parents:

Attach snapshots of recommended schools to the emails you send students.


MCD Suite of Counseling Tools

MCD_dashboard graphics_cheat sheet.png

Questions it answers (among many!):

What are some considerations when making the final college decision?

Ways to use it with students/parents:

This tool was built with seniors in mind.  The user can compare three institutions based on the metrics we consider among the most important.

MCD_dashboard graphics_majors-earnings.png

Questions it answers (among many!):

Where are I likely to get the highest return on my investment as a student from (name a state) who will major in (name a field of study)?

Where can you major in Agricultural Engineering?

Which of these programs graduate the highest earners?

Ways to use it with students/parents:

Brainstorm a college list based on high performing programs within a student's intended major.

Guide seniors through the information as they prepare to make their final college decisions.

Let the tool guide families to examine their priorities.  How important is early career income to them?

MCD_dashboard graphics.png

Questions it answers (among many!):

Which school are likely to offer me the lowest net prices based on my achievement?

Which are most likely to give me the most money?

Ways to use it with students/parents:

We think the highest and best use of the rankings comes with list-building.  We think of our rankings as a shortcut for those students who will rely on non-need-based scholarship awards.

MCD_dashboard graphics_spreadsheet.png

About our spreadsheet

This is the "true north" of our subscription product.  Every bit of our data which can be displayed in a spreadsheet can be found here.  Fun fact:  if a user were to print out the entirety of the file, 

MCD_dashboard graphics_status.png

About our documentation

At Moore College Data, transparency is among our highest ideals.  We share the precise resources and release dates from which our data points are compiled and/or calculated.  We want our users to rest assured that their college data is current and correct!

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