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Experienced college advisor, data analyst, and mom of three Leigh Moore understands students and parents.  She knows the information they most often seek, and she has pulled it all together in one place--Moore College Data.  Check it out!


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Merit Scholarships

Which colleges give the most non-need-based scholarships?


What's the average net price for every tier of family income?

Greek Life

What percentage of students participate in Greek life where it's available?


How safe are the dorms?  How many crimes per 1000 residents were reported?   


Which colleges graduate the highest-earning students in particular majors? 


How many students leave after their first year?


A Note for Families
from Leigh Moore

Drawing on ten years of experience as an independent college advisor and data analyst, I can tell you this: a consumer approach is the key to success.  Make it tangible.  Make it work for you.

Most families do it backwards:  students submit a lot of applications on the front end and wait until all the results are in to consider their own objectives. As a result, students find themselves blindsided by results and under time pressure to make decisions, while their parents struggle with costs they didn’t see coming (but could have).


There is a better way. By starting the search with quantifiable objectives, students can eliminate hundreds of schools which will not ultimately be good decisions for them. They can know which colleges are worth the visit–and can will know why. All they need to develop such a list is the right information.


Existing college data websites overwhelm families with too much information and not enough context. Whether or not families work with a college advisor, they need a single informational tool for engaging the process. In response to that need, I developed Moore College Data. An annual subscription to the site is $49–less than the cost of most college applications.


A free resource is available here, and you can view a sampling of the subscription product here.


As our name implies, we deal in information. A Moore College Data subscription is not a comprehensive college advising module and should not be used as such. However, a step-by-step approach to the college list is included with the subscription for those families who need help getting started.  


Our data is designed to spark inquiry for parents and students alike. We hope you will use it to explore new colleges, to consider the myriad attributes of fit, to ask hard questions, and–ultimately–to make great decisions.  



Leigh Moore

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