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Round 1: Early-career earnings

Updated: Mar 21

by Leigh Moore

Welcome to March Madness, MCD-style!

I realized a few years ago that the sample size offered by an NCAA tourney gives me an opportunity for a deep dive, and hopefully an avenue for making more families aware of the data which is available to them. So, as my people sit transfixed, holding their breath during every Kentucky free throw, I happily find different ways to present info. (I'm not a regular mom; I'm a fun mom.)

Most people don't know that earnings information is broken down by college and by major. The data is imperfect for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the tendency to conflate causality and correlation. Still,...interesting stuff! (It's a simple viz: choose a major and the tournament teams with relevant info will appear in rank order. Be sure to hover above the icons for details.

Most families do not know that earnings data is available broken down by college and by major. Money isn't everything, of course, and this particular information comes with a hefty serving of disclaimers, but most families like to be equipped with any facts they can find as May 1 draws closer.

Those of you who have been subscribers for our earliest days know that I founded Moore College Data for families. Indeed, it remains our mission to reach as many students and parents as possible with the best data we can find. At the moment, we keep an eye on efficiency; we sell to counselors and to institutions, because, collectively, their reach is longer than ours. A family product will return soon, though, one less comprehensive than our enterprise-scale suite of tools. If you want to learn more about it and have not already subscribed to this blog, please do so!

Until Round 2,


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