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It's March: Tame the Madness with Data

There's March Madness and then there's March Madness.  


As a native Kentuckian, I love March Madness.  No one would call me a basketball fan, actually; for me, it's more of a family thing. I know where to find my people when the games are on, you know? 

I like to have fun with the season in my own way, too.  A few seasons ago, I realized that 68 teams is a fun-sized slice of the undergraduate pie.  I like to nerd out on the off-court characteristics of the institutions and share what I learn.  (If you don't already follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook, please do so; I'll be posting throughout the next few weeks, one for each round of the tourney.)


Here's an interesting fact in the meantime:

Of the 68 teams on the tournament bracket, guess how many 

graduate men at higher rates than women?


(Not 10... just 1)


That number would have surprised me a few years ago, but not any more. I have no commentary....just sharing facts.

Madness, College-Decision Style

Simultaneous with the sports mania is, of course, a madness of its own flavor.  College decisions need to be made, and most families face an unprecedented turnaround time for doing so because of delayed financial aid information.

If you aren't already using our tools, please check them out and–by all means--share reports with the families you serve. The tool pictured within the computer graphic above is our "College Cheat Sheet," a quick one-page comparison of the facts most families find most important.

Knowledge is power, and families can make decisions more confidently when in possession of some facts.

Also, if you haven't seen the snapshot tool lately, take some time with it. It's another one-pager which covers miles of college terrain and includes the details I spent way too much time seeking out (before I built MCD!).  


Among the questions you can answer by using our College Snapshot tool:

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