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Round 3: Projecting Costs

Updated: Mar 29

Earlier this week, my alma mater made the news: a breakdown of the total cost to attend Vanderbilt's engineering school found its way into circulation, and the total cited (over $98K) is, at first blush, startling. I could do a lot with $98,000. On the other hand, though, where did we think prices were heading? Down? No, not when Vandy can turn away more than 95% of their regular decision applicants.

Vanderbilt is not alone, of course: The total cost of attendance at 13 colleges exceeded VU's in 2022-2023, so we are likely going to see more prices at this level.

College sticker shock is real, and it's exacerbated by in inaccessibility of fresh data. Institutional reporting takes time, so families should be aware that, until the official letter arrives for the admitted student, costs must be projected.

When you click on, "Now, break it down by college and year," you'll be taken to a page which lists all colleges in the Sweet Sixteen, along with projected costs. You can enter the year ("Fall of _____") and select a rate of increase. Plug and play. Repeat.

See you next round!


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