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Updated: Nov 21

...and one for your consideration in the meantime...

Hello, friends--It's Leigh here. Is everybody ready for Thanksgiving?

Brad Pochard's new role at Moore College Data allows me the time to crunch more data and--more to the point--learn which metrics are of most interest to you.

First: everybody loves--or loves to hate--the USNews rankings, and a similar dynamic is at play with all things ROI. So--let's see how they correlate: You'll need to interact with the viz linked below to see school names and their relevant metrics. I encourage you to see outliers; those often have a story behind them.

As I wait for IPEDS to release the Fall 2022 admissions and financial aid data, I thought I'd canvass the talklist for suggestions or requests: which college data would you like to see visualized? As long as the the metrics you have in mind are publicly available at no cost--and, more to the point, just available in general, I'll put something together and post in a future blog.

Make your suggestions in the comments area!

That's all for today,



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