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Updated: Nov 21, 2023

...and one for your consideration in the meantime...

Hello, friends--It's Leigh here. Is everybody ready for Thanksgiving?

Brad Pochard's new role at Moore College Data allows me the time to crunch more data and--more to the point--learn which metrics are of most interest to you.

First: everybody loves--or loves to hate--the USNews rankings, and a similar dynamic is at play with all things ROI. So--let's see how they correlate: You'll need to interact with the viz linked below to see school names and their relevant metrics. I encourage you to see outliers; those often have a story behind them.

As I wait for IPEDS to release the Fall 2022 admissions and financial aid data, I thought I'd canvass the talklist for suggestions or requests: which college data would you like to see visualized? As long as the the metrics you have in mind are publicly available at no cost--and, more to the point, just available in general, I'll put something together and post in a future blog.

Make your suggestions in the comments area!

That's all for today,


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3 Yorum

Thanks for all that, Neil! We're definitely open to all suggestions and are investigating the feasibility of collecting more from the CDS. As you know, the world spins faster every day!


Hi Brad. Welcome to MCD. I have really appreciated working with Leigh over the past year or so. Neil Chyten


Hi Leigh, I wish you would consider other factors found in the CDS including demonstrated interest, interview, visit, standardized test policy, and financial aid policy, as well as whether or not they accept a portfolio and a résumé. It would also be great if you could include the information on how important certain factors are such as financial aid, interview, diversity (instead of race) as reported in CDS. Thanks. Neil C

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