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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Defining Your Student's Objectives

Hello, Moore College Data subscribers, and welcome to the blog.

We decided to move our Viz of the Week to a blog format. Every post will bring you a new data visualization, and sometimes we'll chime in with commentary.

Here we go!

Defining Objectives--A Tool for Your Student

Central to the mission of Moore College Data is redefining "fit" in tangible terms. For a school to be on your student's list, it should pass three tests:

  • Is it affordable?

  • Is the student admissible?

  • Does the college appeal to the student?

The last post tackled affordability, and the next one will cover admissibility. For today, I'm discussing appeal and sharing a related Viz.

What does your student want and need from a college? They have the right and responsibility to know what they are looking for, even if their objectives evolve over time. Starting that conversation can be a matter of paralysis by analysis. Where do you even start?

Early in my independent counseling practice, I discovered a free tool available on the website of esteemed college advisor Steve Antonoff; it's a survey which helps students turn their focus on their own wants and needs--beyond what their peers are telling them. Almost all of my students completed that survey for me and I recommend It to you and your students, too. You can find It here: Antonoff's College Quality Inventory

Once the student knows what they want, diving into the data becomes less overwhelming and a lot more interesting. At Moore College Data, we quantify everything we can for them.

This week's Viz taps into a value shared by most students - diversity.

Click around the Diversity Dashboard visualization and compare colleges from the dropdown box.

Does anything surprise you? Does anything confuse you? We'd love to hear from you - email us at

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