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Why should I subscribe to
Moore College Data?

Our data is accessible--but thorough.


College data is not just plentiful; it is voluminous, and it’s overwhelming. Approaching the task as both a mom and a college counselor, Leigh cut the info down to size and put it all in one place.


Just because it’s accessible doesn’t mean it’s incomplete. Unless otherwise noted, the data here has been chosen from the (approximately) 20,000 rows of information collected annually by the federal government.

We include Common Data Set information for as many colleges as possible. 


Institutional participation in the annual Common Data set survey is voluntary.  From those colleges which provide us this data, significant insights can be sliced, diced, and parsed to help families predict where, for example, merit scholarships are likely to be offered to students without financial need.  Also, the material  impact of Early Decision is best seen through CDS data.

We include information which the public doesn't often access.

Crime data, Early Decision statistics, merit scholarship information, and even financial outcomes broken down by college and major--it's all out there for public consumption, but, until now, it hasn't been wrangled into a user=friendly format. 

Some data is uncomfortable to consider.  Our aim is not to paint a college in a negative light; instead, we hope it moves families to ask questions, to learn more about what lies ahead, and--ultimately--to help the student make the best decision for them, for the long run.

Our data is objective

Leigh has long believed that the highest calling on independent counselors is to be, well…independent. She has never worked for a college and has no incentive to promote or criticize any institution of higher learning.

Data has its limitations; context is not always provided, and errors are sometimes made.  We maintain a focus on excellence and work in good faith to provide families with what they need to know, all in one place.

I'm ready for the research!

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